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Grow your business and network

Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, we provide you with a technology platform that gives you:

  • Simple and easy access to a global market

  • Tailored consultation and support

  • Access to a wide logistical network

Selling with Boxooo

Becoming a part of something bigger — a hub of innovation, connection, and growth.

  • Find Buyers looking to buy your product

  • Connect via our patent digital solutions

  • Increase sales and expand your business

Complete these easy five steps to join the global Boxooo marketplace: 

1. Register to become a supplier

2. Get your application approved

3. Onboarding and product registration

4. Complete Boxooo due diligence and compliance procedures

5. Start selling with our global network

Getting started as a Supplier

Buying with Boxooo

Become part of a global community driven by growth and innovation. Let us take care of your logistical needs, while you focus on growing your business.

  • Source products at a competitive price 

  • Access new markets on a global scale 

  • Compare between a range of products

  • Sustainable and efficient trading process

If you still have any question, contact our friendly team today.

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