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Fostering global innovation and trade, one experience at a time

About us

Building a flavourful experience

Our commitment revolves around creating valuable connections and empowering businesses as well as individuals through our global community of established corporations, entrepreneurs, innovators and change agents. At Boxooo, we stand by your side throughout the journey, shaping a dynamic and motivating future for both our clientele and partners.


We create environments where businesses and individuals can come together, forge connections, share experiences, and trade freely on a global scale.


We are committed to pushing boundaries and delivering fresh, dynamic experiences to improve people’s lives. 


We proactively work to ensure that our worlds are created in a manner that preserves and enhances the environment for future generations 

London HQ

Khalid Al Jabri

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Bruun

Chief Operating Officer

Sara Attard

Global HO People and Culture

David Hurren

Creative Director

Matthew Clatworthy

Head of Property Project Management

Fredrika Barnham

Global Head of Food & Beverage

Zayna Abdel-Khalek

Executive Assistant

Jessica Banaghan

Marketing Manager

Ana Cintra

Senior Graphic Designer

Denise Baggio

UX/UI Designer

Natasha Jutton

Human Resources Manager

Sakib Ali

UX/UI Designer

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An ever-expanding community

Whether you are looking to expand your digital business, or expand in a new market, Boxooo is here for you. We are already facilitating international product development projects and managing global trade electronically, and our first site is planned to open in Jeddah in August 2024, but we will not stop there.

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