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How Your Environment Impacts The Way You Feel.

Boxooo aims to create a supportive and empowering environment for its community by prioritizing well-being through research-based design choices such as incorporating natural light, selecting colours that evoke positive emotions, embracing minimalistic architecture for a sense of zen, and integrating greenery to enhance mood.

Due to the global pandemic, we’ve seen a shift in the prioritisation of wellbeing both personally and professionally. There are now high expectations set to achieve fulfilment in a career capacity but also a living capacity.

When designing the concept for our Boxooo locations, research played a key role in determining what we create and why we create it. We identified through research and first-hand experience, that the environment where we work can have an impact on our emotions.

We focused on various ways to enhance the well-being of our community in a positive & enriching way. We want our community to feel supported, relaxed and thrive in an environment that empowers you consistently.

Here are some of the ways we are doing just that with you in mind :

  • Natural and artificial light will be distributed throughout our sites with a primary focus on natural light. Entering a room filled with natural light effectively lifts mood & energy. We want our community to feel enlightened whether they’re having a coffee with a friend or working on a new product in our workspace.

  • Choosing colours was a very important part of our process in designing our locations. We wanted to choose colours that reflect who we are as a brand & how we want our community to feel. The colours we chose symbolise power, clean, simplicity and elegance.

  • We are embodying a minimalistic approach throughout our architecture and design. This is to give a feeling of zen and relaxation. We’ve also included greenery throughout our sites as studies show spending time in nature can have positive effects on our mood.

At Boxooo, we want you and our community to feel inspired and relaxed. If you want to be a part of our vision, discover how our sites can change the way you live in a positive and empowering way.

At Boxooo, we want to help your business unlock new possibilities by partnering with us. Discover endless possibilities for growth, collaboration, and innovation by partnering with us here.



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